Family Support

The goal of this service is to assist pregnant and parenting students obtain housing, strengthen their families, learn how to overcome barriers that may jeopardize their success in school, assist with school-to-work activities, and provide opportunities to explore post-secondary and vocational options. Outreach services are provided in all area schools including Great Falls High, CMR, Paris Gibson Education Center, UGF, and MSU-GF.

Personal Development:

  • Non-Directive Pregnancy Counseling
  • Support Groups in all High Schools (Separate groups for moms and dads)
  • Parenting Education in all High School Support Groups
  • Vocational Planning, Post-Secondary Explorations Plans, College Visits
  • Goal Setting & Family Strategic Plans
  • Referral to Mental Health Counseling and Assessments

Assistance with Applications For:

  • Public Assistance (SNAP, TANF, LIEAP, Medicaid, Child Support)
  • Housing (Age & Income Guidelines, Location, Reference Letters)
  • Child Care (Scholarship Information)
  • Post-Secondary Education (Financial Aid, Scholarships)
  • Parenting Plans

Emergency Assistance:

  • Food, Diapers, Formula
  • Bus Passes
  • Transportation