Infant-Toddler Child Care Center

Young Parents Education Center provides quality, developmental care in a nurturing environment for infants and toddlers of parenting students, promoting the baby’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development during the critical first 3 years of development to alleviate the root cause of low self-esteem and behavioral issues, and to increase kindergarten readiness.

Young Parents’ Education Center is a licensed child care center and participates in the Montana State Stars to Quality Program. Currently a 3 Star Rating.

Staff Includes Director; Parent Educator, Primary Caregivers; Part-Time Caregivers; Cook; **Nurse on site Monday-Friday

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Young Parents Education Center Great Falls MT

Schedule & Rates

0-24 months $44 a day
2-4 years $35 a day

YPEC hours run with the Great Falls Public Schools Schedule. We are open:

Monday – Friday:
8:00am – 3:00pm

Group Every Thursday 

Our daycare is closed for the summer however, during this time our office is still open by appointment. We are always available through phone, email, or Facebook.


2022 First Day of School – August 24th
2023 Last Day of School – June 2nd

2022-2023 Holidays

September 5: Labor Day
November 24-25: Thanksgiving
December 26: Winter Break
January 2: New Year
February 20: Presidents’ Day
April 7: Spring Break
May 29: Memorial Day

2022-2023 Breaks

October 20-21
October 28
November 23
December 23-30
January 13
January 16
March 10-14
March 24
April 5
April 6-10


2023 First Day of School – August 30th
2024 Last Day of School – June 6th

2023-2024 Holidays

September 4: Labor Day
November 23-24: Thanksgiving
December 25-29: Winter Break
January 1: New Year
February 16 & 19: Presidents’ Day
March 28- April 1: Spring Break
May 27: Memorial Day

2023-2024 Breaks

October 19-20
November 3
November 22
January 15
January 19
March 28
May 24